Venus Grove Cover         River Towns Cover
Venus Grove                River Towns

            The press (1991-1993)           
Various articles in English, French and Dutch
from Metal Hammer, Music Week, NME, Melody Maker and much more.

            The polaroid series          
Various photographs

Mystery Literature
Short stories that didn´t turn into songs

- From Pall Mall to passing clouds (pdf) -
- Mugdoon's amazing lecure on alcohol
(pdf) -
- Top of flat cloud country (pdf) -

               The paintings               
Apart from Mystery Slang a collection of some paintings painted by Latif Gardez     on our affiliated website


    I'm mad at you (MTV video of the month 1992)  
    They all ran like numbers live 4/6/2011 Kings Arms  
    Babel Towers live 4/6/2011 Kings Arms