They all ran like numbers
Venus Grove, track one



Five jumped off a bridge
and two ran down the grove
three slugged down the Nitetrain
and one just sad on the road
Five laid on gravestones


and held their breath
and two changed the lights
on Holland Park Avenue
forgot about the rest
Three slugged down the Thunderbird
one sat on the roadside and stroked a cat
seven broke into a fight
said someone was cheating
and that was the end of that
hey they all ran like numbers
Four spend the money on dope
and one just laughed
two drove a car all night long
until they run out of gas
right out of gas
he was a chancer
I'll show you
let me tell you now
three slugged down the Ballintines
and two they walked home
now seven split up four got busted
and one was left on his own
the night dug into your eyes
like a diamond on your babys finger
and when she smiled like that
you think it's all worthwhile
They all ran like numbers
they all ran home
don't tell me man I ain't lucky
don't you tlle me I ain't a lucky guy